Join the KIK Radio Team!! We are looking for radio presenters, news readers, DJ's & Local Music.

We are looking for presenters with a great personality & a passion. 

Your passion can be anything from new music, fashion, art to sport.   

If this sounds like you - this is how you can get involved...

Send us your a video or audio entry – check out these  tips below...

  • How To Send us your video audition!
    Simply film your 1 minute video audition, upload it onto YouTube and then share it with us using the form opposite include  your YouTube URL so we can watch your audition. Remember, videos must NOT be longer than 1 minute long!
  • How to send us your audio audition. We are also accepting audio auditions so if you don't have a video camera. Simply record your 1 minute audio audition and upload it to sound cloud then submit your entry using the form opposite make sure you include your sound cloud link so that we can listen to your audio audition.
  • Tell us that this video is your entry to become a KIK Radio Presenter. 
     No old show reels & remember Kreativity Is King !!
  • Show us why we should pick you to host a show on KIK Radio!
    Make sure that your video entry shows you're confident, original & Kreative!
  • Fill out the form below to for chance to be a KIK Radio Presenter..

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 Are you a DJ?

We have a fantastic opportunity for DJ's to have your mixes played on radio.

Tips for submitting your DJ mix:

- We are only accepting mini mixes (short mixes)

- Record your mix and upload it to sound cloud

- Mixes can be no more than 5 minutes long.

- Email your sound cloud link, name to [email protected]

Do you have a great idea for a radio show? Submit it below.

- Proposals can be no more than 150 words.

- Tell us our style of music & who would listen to show. (target audience)

Radio Show Proposals