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Featured Shows

These are local news and talk shows. We have several programmes featuring news from in and around the Corsham & Wiltshire area, If you'd like to have your event featured or schedule and interview please click this link.

Take Over Podcasts

Are produced and presented by young people from our local community aged 11-19.

They range from specialist music programmes to talk shows.

House Music Wednesdays 8pm-12pm

Elegance in sound is a weekly two hourhouse music show presented by Marcus every Wednesday 8pm-10pm playing the best in new house music and guest mixes from top DJ's. Then 10pm - 12pm David Dunn Show.


KIK Radio official blog keep update with all our latest news & music!

Check out this 15 second snippet of Alesso’s new track featuring NICO & VINZ We think this is going to be a Future Hit! #kikradio 

Great production &  a catchy hook even from the first 15 seconds!

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